A New Argument For Why The Eye is Designed

From Uncommon Descent, http://www.uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/optimised-hardware-compression-the-eyes-have-it/.

Recent research on the eye has been published in A Current Biology paper done by Eric T. Carlson, Russell J. Rasquinha, Kechen Zhang and Charles E. Connor. A Sparse Object Coding Scheme in Area V4. Current Biology, (in press) DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2011.01.013, and reported in The ScienceDaily .

The Science Daily article states:

“‘Computers can beat us at math and chess,’ said Connor, ‘but they can’t match our ability to distinguish, recognize, understand, remember, and manipulate the objects that make up our world.'”

Image processing is but one of the many very clever design features in our eyes. Mores the pity that many who are focused on the blind spot cannot understand eyes to be Intelligently Designed.

The fovea of the eye captures the small section of our visual field where we are looking directly. It is richly replete with color sensing cones. It requires more light but has very high precision.

When we look directly at someone or something in good light, that is where we get the detail from.  In contrast to a TV screen and a video camera, which have the same detail all over the screen, the eyes economically concentrate on our point of direct interest, and scan the remaining areas with a lower resolution. This constitutes one type of hardware compression.

Further along the visual processing pathways there are many additional levels of hardware and software compression.

A Current Biology paper describes one of these compression processes. The ScienceDaily writer says that the human visual processing system is “the best compression algorithm around”.

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