This is the organization that Eugenie Scott is the director of, who campaigns that ID Theory is creationism.  The NCSE is one of the greater organizations of misinformation there are, and promote Darwinism.

Of all the organizations that are pro-Darwinism, the NCSE is one of the most biased opponents to ID Theory. Some of the latest interactions between these two archrivals are listed here:


This is the tip of the iceberg. The NCSE fits my profile of Darwinism to the tee. They’re liberal, they promote atheism, they’re extreme political activists focused on keeping the Bible out of public schools, they are pro-Choice (abortion), and oppose legislative bills from passing that protect academic freedom and teachers from being fired for allowing critical thinking and discussion in the classroom. One such bill is SB-70 in Louisiana, which already passed,

A simple search on the Discovery Institute website on the NCSE will show there’s a long history of hostility between ID and the NCSE. What I’m opposed to the most by the NCSE is not the fact that they are fanatically staunch Darwinism promoters, but operate on a strawman argument falsely equating ID Theory to be creationism.

The NCSE has always been involved in a venomous design-phobic and hate-filled smear campaign against ID. The NCSE is first and foremost a promoter of the theory of evolution. There is no conflict with ID Theory and Darwinian mechanisms of evolution, especially natural selection. ID Theory is consistent with common descent, so from a scientific viewpoint, there should be not adversity between these organizations.   However, the NCSE is unwilling to recognize ID Theory as science, and labels ID with a false caricature as being Creationism, when the ID proponents and the Discovery Institute claim otherwise.

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